Monday, March 24, 2008

"Cross" Analysis

Being of a cross between two races he is neither white nor black. He is not accepted by blacks because he is white, and he is denied by whites because he is black. In America during the 1920's the segregation of whites and blacks was very predominate and he is deprived of either race. Leaving him with the confusion of which race he can identify with. Through his adulthood and maturity he finally realizes that he can't blame his parents for who he is. He realizes that he can't hate his parents for his heritage and no matter what he does that's still who he is going to be. In the last stanza he is saying that his father died wealth and his mother died poor and in the last two sentences he asks where he is going to die being neither black nor white. Well he's saying that once he figures out if he wants to live his life as being a white man or a black man he will be recognized for that once he dies.

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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